Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman on Larry King

Here's a link to the first of six YouTube videos showing Larry King's interview with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family regarding the tragic death of his daughter earlier this summer.

Very touching. Here's a paragraph from the article where I found the clips:
The family opened up for the first time about theevents surrounding the
accident, a moving recollection that included details such as Chapman performing
CPR on his daughter, son Will Franklin running away from the scene and being
chased by his brother Caleb, and an impactful drawing Maria Sue made the morning
of her death. "They were an incredible group. I'll never forget it," a moved
Larry King said of the Chapmans the day after the interview


Kristin said...

I ALMOST sent those to you! I was amazed and touched by the story. That was incredible.

Pastor Kip said...

Great minds obviously think alike!

Yeah, this is a great example of how God can be glorified in the midst of tragedy.