Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pastor Joel Hunter's Prayer, Democratic Convention '08

Watch this video as Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church in Florida and author of "A New Kind of Conservative," offers the closing prayer at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Now, here's the rub. Hunter is a pro-life Evangelical and a registered Republican who believes that "people with differing views can work together and can ultimately further their agenda without compromising their core moral convictions".

This is the new evangelicalism where social change trumps truth. Notice especially the way he ends the prayer - I've never seen anything like it. IMHO, this pastor is teaching that God is accessible through whatever means appeals to YOU.

By way of commentary, while the Scriptures clearly teach that God has opened the way for man to boldly come before His throne, we are not given the freedom to come any ol' way we want - we can only come through the blood of Jesus Christ.


Kristin said...

Now, that's just sad. He's got the Lord of All Creation on the hook and does the equivalent of "Hang on, God, I gotta accommodate everyone else's belief systems before I end up talking with you." What cheek!

I can't help but remember that Romans 12:18 tells us to live in peace with other men, if it is possible. Then, that chapter ends with not letting evil overcome good, but overcoming good with evil. Seems like this Pastor's words just drowned in the mire of "spirituality".

spud tooley said...

i thought it was a nice touch. he was aware of his position and the group he was leading. at the beginning he said 'people of faith'.

Jesus came to tear down the man-erected walls between us and God. don't you think that our attempts to erect them again in His name is the real travesty?

mike rucker
fairburn, ga, usa

Pastor Kip said...

Ah, brother Rucker, good to hear from you! Your thoughts are always welcome, errant though they may be :)

Don't miss the point that the wall between man and God was (and still is) sin, and it's only through Jesus Christ that that wall can be removed. That's the problem with trying to approach God any other way.

Spud Tooley?