Friday, May 8, 2009

Cornerstone and me . . .

Due to budgetary changes, it was decided at the last Board and Council meeting (after much painful deliberation) that my position would be eliminated. I was encouraged to start looking for full-time employment elsewhere and I started making calls to people I knew in the beverage industry. After over 8 years with Coca-Cola, I had some pretty good contacts.

Long story short, I got the call from Blue Ridge Beverage this past Tuesday (they want me to start next Tuesday) and I turned in my resignation to the pastor on Wednesday night. I met with the pastor and two other church leaders after the Bible study and went over the various ministries I had been overseeing.

I see this as a real blessing – to be offered a stable job with a stable company in this economy is no small thing. It's good, honest work that I'm thrilled to be doing again.

Although Sunday, May 10th was my last Sunday as Associate Pastor, we will continue to attend Cornerstone for now, but I am pulling out of all ministry activities - the new job is going to be physically and mentally challenging and I will need to focus on it.

I thank you for your friendship and prayers throughout this difficult time.