Saturday, August 16, 2008

John MacArthur on Tony Campolo and the Social Gospel

This is so important.

Evangelical Christianity is being seduced by a liberal gospel that seeks to undermine the message of eternal salvation. In addition to Tony Campolo, this message is being propagated by the likes of Rob Bell, Tony Jones, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, and America's pastor - Rick Warren.

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Kristin said...

I never did like Rick Warren anyway. Ha. I'd be interested to hear how he's jumping on this bandwagon.

Our society is so into accomplishments and works to show our status. I think it's hard for us to comprehend that our actions do not feed into our own "account" with God, but into His account for His glory. That is difficult - to give up our "deserved" glory to Him. It's easier to see us as being the Kingdom of God now with our actions here on earth. Then it is perceived as being in our own account, only in Jesus's bank.

All in all, I think of James 4:7-10 somehow - to leave my "lifting up" to God's doing and not my own. He does it better anyway.

Or is this pretty skewed weird? I am having a pretty frazzled Monday!