Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ignatius! The future of youth ministry . . . or are we there already?

Many thanks to Todd Rhoades over at the Monday Morning Insight blog for this little gem.

Watch this hilarious mockumentary about a seriously pathetic youth-speaker-wannabe. There arent' really "ministers" like this out there . . . are there?

Ignatius from travis hawkins on Vimeo.


Kristin said...

Wow. Just wow.

I laughed at Ignatius - what a maroon.

But what really bothered me was that when he was thrown off the stage, the older gentleman sugar coated what he and the kids had just seen and heard. Why not tell the kids truthfully how outraged he was at Ignatius's words? Why not let them know that feeling confused and embarrassed about the message they just had was justified?

Jesse Watkins said...

That was awesome. That story could happen or probably already has happened. It is amazing to see how far we've come from the simplicity of the Gospel.

Rebecca Stiff said...

WOW !!!!!!! I think kids resent things like this. Yes it does happen out there. kids aren't stupid and they think for themselves. Grown-ups like this really turn them off. Teens embarrass easily and should be dealt with carefully. The teens at Cornerstone adore Kip. We are VERY pleased with his leadership !!!!!!
thank you Kip !!!!