Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holy Cheetos! People are seeing Jesus everywhere!

Okay, so what are we to do with this?

We could be skeptical: That was about as legit as a Fred Phelps smile.
We could wax sarcastic: Wow! I just saw Jesus in a liberal church! What're the odds? Never seen that before . . .
We could be really spiritual: Yes, but do others see Jesus in yooouuu?

What do you do with this?


Anonymous said...

Definitely couldn't see Jesus in the cat.

- Whitney Duff

Kristin said...

Technically, our brain tries to make patterns out of random stuff - it's why you'll see "pictures" in the static on a TV or in plaster on the wall - or in the clouds for that matter.

It just tells me that the "face" of Jesus is seen by a lot more people than choose to recognize him as Savior.

Pastor Kip said...

Good final comment, Kristin - I totally agree.

I agree with you too, Whitney. I wish the camera had stayed on some of the images a little longer so I could get a chance to see.