Thursday, April 17, 2008

Somebody apply the rod . . .quick!

I’ve got a part-time gig driving a school bus for Roanoke County. I love it. No stress, easy hours, and I get to hold up traffic.

Today during the afternoon run, I had to take seven elementary kids back to the school for disciplinary reasons. These students are constantly causing trouble – not listening, standing up while the bus is moving, screaming out the windows at what they call “the old people”. I’d had enough so I carted them back to Mountain View Elementary to get a talkin’ to by the principal.

Their reaction was interesting. Six of them were terrified; they knew they were in big trouble, because the driver was TAKING THEM BACK TO SCHOOL! They started trading stories of what their parents were going to do to them when they found out.

“My parents are going to kill me!” Hyperbole, I assumed.

One kid said, “My parents are going to ground me for a month!”

The seventh kid wasn’t fazed by any of this. He danced a little jig in the middle of the aisle, and sang all the way back to the school. He said, “My parents won’t ground me. They don’t care what I do.”

Watch out for that kid . . .

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