Monday, March 31, 2008

Be the Tree

I didn't come up with this thought; I wish I had. I read it in an article several years ago (can't remember where or who wrote it) and it has stuck with me ever since.

The author used the story of Zacchaeus to challenge the popular idea that we need to be Jesus to the people around us. I understand the thought (that whole "you're the only Bible some people will ever read" mindset), but this can be an intimidating, if not impossible, calling. I mean, who among us is up to that task? Can we really aspire to "be Jesus" to those around us?

The author's point was that just as Zacchaeus needed help seeing Jesus via the sycamore tree, so also there are people all around us who need help encountering the risen Christ.

Instead of trying to "be Jesus" to people, try seeing yourself as the sycamore tree. As being that vehicle by which others can get an accurate view of Jesus.

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