Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tyranny of the Tithe: God's Plan for Giving, Part 2 - John MacArthur

Here's some tidbits from part 2 of John MacArthur's excellent series on God's Plan for Giving:

The right thing to do in the area of giving is to teach the truths of the Word of God and then leave it to the Spirit of God to generate the response.

There are two kinds of giving stressed in the New Testament. One, pay your taxes. Two, give God whatever you want. There is no amount.

There is no exacting of the tithe on the church anywhere in the New Testament. It is never required of the church. It is always in reference to Israel's economy in the gospels and in the book of Hebrews it is only mentioned in reference to Melchiezedek and Abraham way back in the book of Genesis. It has no bearing on the church at all.

At no time does the New Testament ever suggest or even hint - and there are plenty of places where it might have - that the tithe is exacted upon the Christian.

Let's go to freewill giving. And here we enter the category of the giving that is truly giving to God. There is no reference about tithing in any passage at all in the New Testament that talks about Christian giving. Absolutely none.

MacArthur then goes on to list 10 principles the New Testament gives for Christian giving:

  1. Giving is investing with God

  2. Giving is to be sacrificial

  3. Giving is not a matter of what you have

  4. Giving affects spiritual riches

  5. Giving amounts are personally determined

  6. Giving is to be in response to need

  7. Giving is to demonstrate love and not law

  8. Giving is to be planned

  9. Giving is to be generous

  10. Giving generously results in blessing

He develops each of these further and, in typical MacArthur style, packs in loads of relevant Scripture.

You can listen to the entire sermon and follow along with the transcript by clicking here.

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